Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Phase 1: Look 4

I've been putting off writing this post.
 I think it's because I don't have anything profound to say. I'm sitting here thinking, and still I can't think of a thing to tell you.  Really. The chick who can talk for two hours without skipping a beat has nothing to say.
No life lessons. No profound insights. No earth shattering discoveries.
The cut and style are fantastic. The look is easy, versatile, and it's red. I love all those things. I'd prepared myself to feel vulnerable and freaked out this time, but, I'm good. I'm not scared of the styles anymore. Any of them.

 Maybe it's because I'm doing it. The anticipation of trying all the hairstyles is over, and fear is no longer a formidable obstacle. Short hair isn't a spooky whisper in a dark and empty house.
 My neck isn't even that cold. Plus I have scarves. And one by one, my flimsy reasons for never trying short hairstyles fall to the ground with every snip of Rachel's scissors. Maybe it's because I'm finally allowing myself to have an experience I should have allowed my whole life.

 Or maybe it's because I know that no matter what these styles look like on me, they are not ME. 
I'm me. And I'm awesome.
I'm about to ask you to do something hard, but I don't care. I want you to tell me the thing you love most about yourself. What makes you awesome? I want you to write it because I want  to hear you own it. Most likely, we're all aware of it, but I want to hear you say it. You don't have to post it publicly on this blog, you can email, text, or message me. Who's in??


  1. I know I'm awesome at creating something I can visualize in my head. It's fun for me and I love it and have no fear of just trying it even if it doesn't end up as awesome!!

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  3. I know you, so does that count as something I love about me?

    Fine. Ok.

    I love my...oh man. I don't know right now.

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  5. I am naive...I use to think that is a bad thing. But being naive is also being trusting. I trust in people, I want to see the good and I believe good things will happen.
    And I love that about me.

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  7. I'm Amazing at inventing things! That is why one day I will find my way into an Industrial Design Program so I can finally make prototypes of all my more complicated ideas.��

  8. I know how to make things happen. When I decide to do something, I can figure out how to bring the idea into action.

  9. I love all these! I totally agree. These awesome qualities are superpowers! Gina, I'm still waiting....Sorry about the duplicate comments, I'm not sure why the site did that. Just know I didn't delete your responses, just the duplicates.

  10. What I love about myself: I genuinely care about people. I love getting to know them, hearing their stories, finding those who feel left out and helping them feel needed, making friends, etc. I feel energized when i am connecting with people.

    And, I am loving your stories! Gina shared your most recent blog post tonight, so I read it and was intrigued, so then and I had to keep post back-tracking till I read the whole story. What a cool experiment! I think you are brave and awesome.

    1. Hey Amy! Thanks so much for this comment. I loved hearing the best of you, and your interest in this hair affair. If you're friends with Gina, I already like you! Thanks for reading!