Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Phase 1 Look 3.5 - Define Extreme....

Above:  Look 3.5 as described by my girls.
Below: Look 3.5 as described by my phone's camera.
 No, that is not hot pink hair chalk. Also, if you've ever wondered how to get colors this vivid into your hair, ask us. Rachel figured it out. It's easier than you think, but requires a certain amount of shame elimination. We're talking wearing foils at the post office, foils at the school, foils while you purchase new underwear, foils while you take a picture with famous people (Of all the days to see my kids' heroes) But then you get to look as cool as this at your cub den meeting:
Totally worth it.

Here is the lesson I took away from Look 3.5:
I told Rachel that from this point on, she'd probably see the whinier, more insecure side of me, because after this style, I'll be terrified of every hairdo we try. This length is officially the last comfort zone I have. All the shorter styles coming are the "extreme" ones. She looked at the magenta, radiant orchid, and cyan dye bowls she'd been mixing, and laughed. Hard. Then she said, "Everything you've done so far is extreme to someone."

She's the smartest, again. Every change we make in life can be viewed as extreme, either because of the time spent in a certain state before changing, or because of the distance from point A to the change. Everyone has their own scale on which to define "extreme."

I'm getting stares, I'll admit it. Most kids think I'm the coolest, and their parents refrain from commenting.:-) But, I'm also losing some preconceived ideas about people now that I'm the person with pink hair. Who am I to decide what's stylish for others? My little measuring stick can't apply to someone else because they have a different stick, and their point of view is as valid as mine. Even when the points of view are at odds. No, especially when they're at odds.  I'll really need to keep this in mind as I jump into Look 4, because I'll be dying to judge myself. Let's hope I don't. Valuable philosophical lessons can occur when we embrace changes. Especially the extreme ones.

What kinds of "extreme" things have you thought about trying? Inspire us with your ideas. I promise not to be offended if none of you say pink highlights.


  1. Lookin good! Is that pink mixed with the blue you already had? I've been thinking of shaving my head, I've thought about it off and on for many years. I don't think I will any time soon, but probably some day. Or just cut it super short. I'll be watching your next styles very closely!

  2. Awesome! Excellent thoughts too. My extreme? Be totally myself. In public. ;)

  3. This is cool! I had pink, blue and purple ends back in the early 2000's so I am with your trend sister! Do you and it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. If this cuteness makes you happy then it is perfect!

  4. Rosie, Gina, and Steph: I love to hear your ideas! Please send me pictures of past, present, and future jumps into the extreme. You people inspire me.