Thursday, February 18, 2016

Phase 1: Look 5

It finally happened. I can officially say I did NOT like a style on me. I guess we all knew it would happen at some point. So here's look #5.

 There's nothing wrong with it. It was exactly what I asked for. Chin length, stacked in the back, red with caramel highlights. And as soon as it was done I knew.


Nope. Definitely not me.

The color's not bad, the cut was, of course, expertly executed. But for some reason, it didn't resonate at all with my idea of me. It felt like someone else's hair on my head. Crazy, right? Especially since it wasn't that different from look 4. Also, I should have felt that with all of the looks so far. None of them were me.

Except they totally were.

I'm sure there's some deep psychological reason for it, but I'm not even going to try to find out what it is. All I need to know is that one didn't work for me. I kept it for whopping ten days, and then we moved on.

To the pixies. Blonde ones.

Who's ready??

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  1. I was going to send you something about this "Dressing your truth" company I came across. And I forgot. Maybe look it up - I think you'd find it interesting.