Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wettest day of the year

Well, it was a muddy adventure to be sure. Today was the day my good friend Hilary decided to come experience the trails for herself. We planned to go at 12:30pm. The forecast said it would be clear by then. At 11:30 it was snowing a tiny bit with some UGLY clouds in the sky, but we felt confident the clouds would clear. We were not disappointed, by 12:45 when we set out, the sun was shining and we were excited!

It was pretty smooth sailing until we got into the lower trails of the gully by my house....then we realized what all that sunshine meant. Melted snow and muck. Hilary was a trooper though, and we made it 6 1/2 miles through the craziest, slurkiest, splooshiest terrain I've ever encountered down there. Oh well, at least our shoes looked cool.

Rachel's muddy sole.

I hope she'll come with me again!! Look at her poor white shoes! We took an extra challenge on the way back up and really pushed ourselves to dig in to the wet sand (try as we might, we just couldn't make ourselves believe we were on a tropical beach) to get up a tough hill at the end. It was inspiring and we did it! Running rocks.

Hilary's impressive muck.

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