Friday, September 21, 2012

Rosemary Chive Fries

These we didn't do very crispy, but the seasoned salt ones, which I do not have a picture of, were crispier. This is more like a boiled potato texture if you like that. I do.
All summer long I've been trying to perfect home baked french fries. I've tried many variations, but I think this one's my fave. My kids however, liked the season salt and olive oil variation, so take your pick.

You'll need a couple of pounds of red potatoes sliced how you like them. I like slicing them four times lengthwise, then crosswise to get more of a french fry look. You'll need a quarter cup (or less) of olive oil, some fresh chives and rosemary chopped, and some salt and pepper. This is all to taste. Combine the oil and seasonings in a bowl and add the potatoes and stir to coat.

Baking is the tough part because it took me forever to find the right temp for my oven for the right amount of time for the crispiness we wanted. I have now determined that either 450 or 475 will work, but plan on at least 30 minutes, and maybe closer to 50 depending on your oven. turn at least once while baking.

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