Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flower Power

Ok, I get that the paint on my girls' wall is neither about running nor eating, but it's a fun share nonetheless. My girls have finally reached the age where they'd like to pick the theme and direction for the decor in their room, much to my dismay. They decided on flowers, butterflies, and fairies. I'm an expert at none of these things. So in my desperation I turned to paint, my cricut, and a treasure at the most surpising of places. Here's how it turned out:

First, I started with the grass and stems. I used paint and a foam craft brush for this. I had to have someone else in the room letting me know if I went to high on one side, or dipped too low with the grass, but that was the most difficult part. Grass is a fairly forgiving freehand venture.

Next I did the flower middles. Yellow paint. I tried this two ways: I cut a yellow circle from my cricut to the size I wanted then used the paper as a sort of stencil. Also I tried using the cut-out circle itself as a pattern and traced in light pencil where I wanted the circle to be atop the stem and painted in my lines. Both ways turned out fine, I'm not sure I'd say one was easier than the other, I guess it just depends on your taste.

Next came the petals themselves which I used colored vinyl and my cricut for. I cut out various shapes using the George and Basic Shape cartridge (I think).

I was competely stumped by the butterflies and fairies, though. I could have used the cricut for them, but I couldn't find any I loved with as many color layers as I wanted. One morning while trying to kill time with my 4 yr. old we perused the dollar store, which I haven't done in years. They have everything there! Not great stuff as you might imagine, but wall stickers? Oh yes.
They had a couple kinds of butterflies and fairies, and after a quick eenie-meenie-miny-moh game we had some picked. Now they have a gorgeous purple room with one white wall full of flowers and fairies, and remain the happiest girly-girls you ever did meet!

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